A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with an amazing makeup artist, Angela Pethig, along with a lovely model Jordan. The plan was to do some Black and White portraits and we managed a variety of different looks using found material and objects. Most images were processed as monochrome but some looked good in colour as well :-)


The lovely Siobhan was kind enough to model for me a few weeks ago, I liked the motion produced by the veil  I liked this image, to me it gives the feeling of being trapped by the veil and with the wedding dress an interesting combination.

Red Handbag

This is from a fun shoot with a lovely model and dancer Yan Zhou, great fun to work with. A group of us went out to the Re:Start Mall in Christchurch and played with a range of locations, outfits and lighting. This is one image I liked.

The Escape

Over the last couple of months I have been working on some different things, working with models learning more about lighting and starting to add some more conceptual images to my portfolio. A slow but interesting process which will continue for some  time. This is one image from a set I took in a local forest with the help of the lovely Siobhan Cuttance and thanks for lots of assistance Moray, Cheryl, Pauline and Julia.

At The Window

Over the last few weeks I have been working on different types of images, as a learning process and to stretch myself a bit. I have worked with some wonderful people in a variety of locations and will share a few of the results over the next few weeks. This first image is of the lovely Yan Zhou at Godley Head just outside Christchurch. I actually used a flash in a large softbox just outside the window on this occasion as it was getting a little dark.